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Manage and Lead




Work in prisons

Work Remotely

Become a GPwER

Work with the Police

GPs could get involved in training incoming GPs, or go on to work in a medical school.

GPs could run small groups focusing on clinical or communication skills.

As a programme director, the GP would organise training and support trainers.

This includes doing the equivalent of ward rounds and running ‘clinics’ for inmates.

A forensic medical examiner will work with the police to treat injuries and illnesses (including those of individuals in custody) and assess assault victims.

A ‘GP with Extended Roles’ (formerly GPwSI - GP with Special Interests) has received further training and is able to perform additional services such as minor surgery.

Nowadays, GPs might be able to work for an app by using video consulting.

There are various opportunities for a GP to take on management roles.