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Planning & Pitching Unit 14

You have 5 mins to prepare a 30 second pitch for these items. Click on one square to reveal the item you will pitch, which one will you choose? 1st choice is the one you have to go with. Share these pitches with the group.

A great presentation is clear and structured

Starter Task

Discuss - These Key things to consider for Pitching & Planning

You can make an outline

to summarise the content and use words that will be imprinted in the memories of your audience.


If you’re going to present live

we recommend training your voice and rehearsing; the best improvisation happens when you’re prepared!


Show enthusiasm

smile, and maintain eye contact with your audience. 'The eyes, chico. They never lie.’ You’re bound to impress.


Describe the problem you’re going to resolve and, above all, the reason why your idea is interesting



Don't spend time creating content that interrupts us when we're watching something interesting. Be the something interesting.

Our brain unconsciously processes about 11 million units of visual information per second, while it only processes about 50 units of conscious information per second.


2. Animation

4.WOW Effect/USP

3. Creativity

1. Interactivity

Visual content is a transversal, universal language, like music.

We generally grasp visual content better. Visual content is associated with cognitive and psychological mechanisms. We receive things through our eyes; the first image is what counts. We associate visual content with emotions.



of purchases

are emotional. The passion that storytelling causes is our ally in influencing the purchasing decisions of our audience.

of our brain

is involved in the processing of visual stimulus.

of the information

we assimilate is received through sight.




Watch this video

A great presentation is clear and structured

In small groups discuss the 7 tips mentioned.

Watch this video, make notes about the presentation. Then share your thoughts. Think about, What went well? and What could be improved?


‘Your content is good, but it’ll engage much more if it’s interactive.’

In pairs, find an item that you would like to pitch, think about the tips you have seen during this session and use them to make your pitch interesting. This pitch will need to be 5 minutes long.

Now for your final task.

Comment on your performance

A great presentation is clear and structured