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ELA Notebook

week 10/9 & week 10/16


3/4/5 ELA PLC

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writing outlines - 3rd

writing time - 4/5

this or that

Targets by unit (some PLCs)


  • take an inquiry stance.
  • ground statements in evidence
  • assume positive intentions & take responsibility for impact.
  • Speak your truth & be open to different perspectives
  • stick to protocol & hear all voices
  • start and stop on time
  • be here now


  • Need.....
    • Genially ELA work space - Targets by Unit
    • SAAVAS
    • ELA legacy scope and sequence
    • Edio course
  • Goal...
    • BO 1 determine the priority standards in comprehension, writing and reading for the unit assigned to your PLC
    • BO 2 determine most important vocabulary words for the unit
      • 10 or less per story

Prioritize standards - 3/4/5

Prioritize Standards

  • writing a complete sentence
  • using proper capitalization and punctuation
  • stamina
  • stretching sentences to include details
  • need for spelling (even high-frequency words)
  • parts of speech
  • avoidance to write/type
  • finding time to write/edit with learners
  • utilizing keyboards properly
  • organizing writing
  • do not know what is unknown
  • starting/organizing writing/creativity

writing - 3 - Big themes

  • 3rd grade PSSA > short answer – basic paragraph = 2pts
  • 4th grade PSSA > use evidence from story – 3 paragraphs 4tpts
  • 5th grade PSSA > use evidence from story – 3 paragraphs 4pts
  • What steps are needed to reach the writing goals?
    • think basics to complex to reach the standard
    • focus on the writing itself
    • example:
      • parts of speech
      • complete sentence (subject/predicate: I run.)
      • stretchy sentence
      • what comes next?
    • 10-15min create an outline as a group or use BO to outline independently

writing - 3 - Big goals

Use the steps to outline needs for your learners

  • Will every learner need each step?
  • Who needs which steps?
    • write names where each learner currently is
    • example:
      • parts of speech (Mason C. & Carson B.)
      • complete sentence (subject/predicate: I run.) (Sally & Dexter)
      • stretchy sentence (Greyson, Jayden & Delia)
      • etc.
  • 15-20 minutes - independently or use BO room to discuss out loud

writing - 3

bonus article

  • your next steps
  • finding the time
  • observing work samples for data collection

Next steps - 3

  • why should we support writers by taking more time help them?

Why - 4/5

  • 5 minutes - list places where more writing could take place
    • Where can I focus on writing alone? (dates)
    • Will my target standards still be focused on elsewhere?
    • Do I need it to support a writing project?
    • Do I need this to support writing in general?

Write Stuff

  • Need....
    • Edio Course outline
    • writing outline with your roster
    • Outlook calendar
    • Target standards by unit

Writing time

Write Stuff

  • Share.....
    • Where can your writing focus happen?
    • will working independently or in a group be helpful?

Writing time

What could we do to make it more helpful?
What was helpful about today's meeting?

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