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Instructions:1-25: Speak about the topic in the square you land on for one minute. Use the suggested expression.

Use the dice!


Drag the game pieces

25 onwards: explain the expressions in the squares or come up with ideas for these "journalese" terms. . Then check your answer(s).


Can the media be trusted? USE: with a pinch of salt

Do you like to keep up to speed with world events/to be well informed on current affairs?

Would you like to work for the media? USE: Truth be told,

How do you keep abreast of the news? USE: a number of (instead of "many")

How are today’s media different from those of 30 years ago? USE: with the advent of

  • Can you think of any news that is hot off the press?

Can you think of any news that has hit the headlines recently? USE: off the top of my head

Can you think of any examples of the media being irresponsible? USE: a few examples spring to mind

What is your take on the so-called gutter press (UK)/tabloid journalism (UK)/yellow press? USE: It goes without saying that …

How have the habits of following the news changed in the last 20 years? What are the causes? USE: a number of factors are at play here

Why should we keep up with world news on a daily basis? USE: It's fair to say (explanation 1) (explanation 2)

In your view, should teenagers read/follow the news about what is going on in the world regularly? Why? USE: I fail to see

How do you feel about clickbait /ˈklɪkbeɪt/ headlines on the internet?

What kind of news or personalities tend to be tabloid fodder? Why are they so popular? USE: sensational

Could you/would you like to work as a war reporter? What kind of personality traits are required? USE: I have to say that …

What is the future of print newspapers and magazines? Do they still have a place in today's world? USE: (Newspapers) are likely to …

Would you say the media has the power to influence people? In what way(s)? USE: more often than not

Is fake news a worrying concern? Why? USE: it has to be borne in mind that …

Should there be any censorship or control of the media? USE: As I see it,

Do all world events get the same media coverage, regardless of the country where they happen? Justify your answer. USE: It's plain to see

What medium do you find more appealing, radio or the press? Justify your answer. USE: And yet,

How can mainstream media adapt to digital society? Use: (to be) bound to do something

Are news networks unbiased? USE: by way of example

Are podcasts becoming increasingly popular at the expense of local radio shows? USE: seem to

Would you like to work as a foreign correspondent? What are the upsides and downsides? USE: As opposed to

Explain the meaning of JOURNALESE. /ˌdʒɜːnəˈliːz/ (Explain, then check your answer here)

How would you explain this expression? to be given the go-ahead (explain, then check your answer here)

What does "at the eleventh hour" mean? Try to explain (Then, check your answer here and here)

Can you explain this expression? She underwent a heart transplant in a last-ditch attempt to save her. He resigned in a last-ditch attempt to save his party from electoral defeat. (Check your answer here and here)

What do we mean when we talk about mounting (calls for somebody's resignation/for a general election…/evidence/concern/tension…)? Check your answer here

Can you think of recent watershed moments? (Or 20th-century watershed moments)

Think of a sentence using the adverb "allegedly".

Think of a sentence including the adverb "reportedly".

Can you think of national or international events that have received extensive media coverage?

Think of a sentence including the idiom "in the wake of".

What are the qualities of a good newsreader?

What has happened when a newspaper is sued for libel? Or when someone is sued for slander, for example, if they've been on TV?

Think of a sentence including the noun "pundits".

Who or what can the expression "the powers that be" be referring to?

What happens when a situation is "at a tipping point"?

Can you think of any unsung heroes?

What happens if you get the go-ahead? What would you say to express this idea about a project? (The project got ……………………) [think about it, then check your answer here]

What happens if (a nation, for example) is at a crossroads?

What happens if someone doesn't suffer fools gladly?

What has happened if somebody has fallen on hard times?