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Nuclear Energy


What is it?

Nuclear energy is typically generated using a process of 'nuclear fission', which means, a neutron hits the nucleus of a uranium atom, and the nucleus splits and hits other atoms, causing a chain reaction. This chain reaction causes heat, which warms up water that is surrounding the reactor, which creates steam, which moves a wheel, which creates electricty.

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Advantages of Nuclear Energy

- It's a low-carbon source of electricty- Has a small carbon footprint- Is a high power output- Is a reliable energy source

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Disadvantages of Nuclear Energy

-Uranium is technically non-renewable-Very high upfront costs- Nuclear waste is difficult to get rid of- Malfunctions can be catastrophic, leading the radiation poisoning or massive explosions, such as Chernobyl and Three Mile Island

How could a reactor be improved?

New fuels have a higher percentage of uranium, meaing more power and a longer life.

One thing that needs to be figured out is how to dispose of nuclear waste, as it can be radiocative for thousands of years after

The next generation of reactor designs are smaller and operate at higher temperatures, which improves efficiency.

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How does nuclear energy work in Scotland?

As of 2022, there is only 1 nuclear power plant in Scotland, one of only 9 in the UK. It's called Torness and located in Dunbar. Torness has employed approximately 100,000 people. When elected in 2007, the SNP had a 'no nuclear power' plan, and in 2023 the Scottish government is in discussion about decommisioning the plant over safety concerns.

The only nuclear plant in Scotland (Torness)

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Moral Issues

While nuclear energy is mostly safe, there are some major concerns from the general public regarding the possibility of dangers like nuclear waste, radiation poisoning and malfunctions. Events such as Chernobyl are examples of how horribly wrong a nuclear plant can go. Along with that, the cost of running a plant is so high, taxpayers are concerned that their money is going to waste, and can be used for other things.


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What can happen if a nuclear reactor malfunctions?

Can a nuclear reactor explode?

Where is Scotland's only nuclear reactor?

(Ours was the best)


The cost of running a nuclear reactor will typically be 5000-8000USD/kW of energy. To put that into context, a good nuclear reactor can produce 100,000 kW per hour.

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Nuclear energy produces ZERO carbon dioxide, and absolutely no other greenhouse gases.

Multiple governement agencies, considered making a large pit in Sweden to dump all nuclear waste, but they are worries about communicating the dangers to future civilisations with different and developed languages.