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Communication Coaching Sessions

Unlocking potential and eliminating abandonment



  • Sale device set up and overview
  • Accessory and accessibility changes
  • Personalization to fit lifestyle
  • Functional activities
  • Attendee driven or structured by Product Trainer

What are Communication Coaching Sessions?

  • Users (adults and pediatrics)
  • Caregivers
    • Aid, nurse, etc.
  • Anyone in the user's communication circle
    • Spouse, children, siblings, grandchildren, friend etc.

Who are the sessions for?

  • Compensate for limited covered sessions with their own SLPs and limited Consumer Trial sessions
  • Provide support for lifecycle of the device
  • Standout from competitors
  • Minimize drop off rates and promote longer engagement
  • Ensure that our users are confident and comfortable communicating with their devices

Why do we need the Communication Coaching Program?

  • Conversion rates of contacted vs scheduled
  • Device data
    • Reduction of drop off rates
    • Comparison of channels
    • Iterative changes to workflow
  • Implementation of product specific feedback with surveys

How will we identify success?

  • Link from auto emails
  • Personal outreach if no contact/engagement
  • Support tab on LG website

How does a customer schedule?

  • Property in Hubspot
  • Please refrain from Slacks messages, huddles, snail mail, owls, or smoke signals

How does an LG employee request a session for a customer?

  • Product driven group sessions
    • Potential to push into Virtual Connections
    • ~3x a week
    • " Thursday at 1pm: Using your device to communicate at the doctors office"
  • Asynchronous learning for users/CPs
  • Refine workflow based on dx (degenerative/progressive)

What's next?

  • Post sale training is now Communication Coaching
  • Sessions are for users, CG's, SLP/OT/PT, anyone in communication circle
  • Internal referrals to use property on HubSpot
  • Sessions booked externally via website (product support tab)