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Newcastle University School of Modern Languages Spanish, Portuguese and Latin America Studies

Module Leader: Loiana Leal

POR2010 Portuguese General Language Level B HE Intermediate 2023/24

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Syllabus Semester 2


Syllabus Semester 1

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Important information about your course POR2010

General Information

+Longlife Learning & Attendance

use meeting ID 822 0592 8238

Semester 1 & 2Virtual Office orOn Tuesdays 11 - 1 pmCampus Semester 1: Room OLB 2.30 On Thursdays 11 - 12 pmSemester 2: Room OLB 2.30 On Wednesdays 10 - 11 am

Merz Room, Old Library Building 3rd Floor


Consultation and feedback hours

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Loiana Leal

Lecturer in PortugueseModule Leader

Classes Semester 2 Lab Seminars - OLB 4.13Every WednesdayGrupo 1 : 11 amGrupo 2 : 12 pm2h Seminars - HD.LG.04Every Thursday Grupo 1: 11 amGrupo 2: 2 pmOral Exam Prep - BSTC 2.4012 PM - Wks: 24, 28, 36 (Gr 1 and 2)

Classes Semester 1 Lab Seminars - OLB 4.13Every WednesdayGrupo 1 : 11 amGrupo 2 : 12 pm2h Seminars - BSTC 2.41BEvery Thursday Grupo 1: 1 pmGrupo 2: 3 pmOral Exam Prep - BSTC 2.4012 PM - Wks: 6, 9, 13 (Gr 1 and 2)

Office Hours

Please, always check yout timetable in the NU app before your classes


Skills Outcomes

Cognitive Skills

Learning Outcomes

Course Outline

develop cultural awareness in the foreign language.

facilitate students' ability to establish and maintain effective social and working relations with speakers of the foreign language in written and spoken media.

prepare students for the future study of the language, develop life long learning skills and capabilities.

focus on developing the students' written communicative and oral/aural competence in the foreign language (including fluency, grammatical and lexical accuracy and range)


Por2010 was designed having a blend of pedagogies to cater for different learning styles and esure a good learning experience for all. It is fundamentally underpinned by Social Costructivism, Felxible Learning and The Communicative Approach. To learn more about the pedagogies that informed the design of this module, click on, the interactive icons on the image.

Tema 1: Eu no mundo!

  1. Falar de si e Auto-retrato
  2. Onde eu estou? O meu lugar de fala!
Tema 2: O Mundo Lusófono
  1. O que é ser lusófono?
  2. Países lusófonos e seus universos culturais

Tema 3: Bem-estar, Saúde e Desporto.

  1. Bem-estar individual e social
  2. Desporto e esportes radicais
  3. Medicinas alternativas e auto-cuidado.

Syllabus Semester 1

Tema 5: Conflitos de Gerações

  1. Os jovens e suas visões de um mundo de possibilidades
  2. Os jovens e os conflitos de gerações
  3. Os jovens e as transofrmações tecnológicas

Tema 4: Meio-ambiente: problemas e soluções

  1. Pantanal & Amazônia em perigo
  2. Tecnologias Renováveis
  3. Cidades Inteligentes

Syllabus Semester 2

Tema 6: Os jovens no mundo

  1. Os jovens no mundo e o feminismo
  2. Os jovens e a descoberta do amor: toda forma de amor
  3. Os jovens e sua produção cultural emergindo das periferias

Formative Assessment

Assessment Strategy -Summary


Summative Assessment


Assessment & Key Dates




Netiquette & other info

During Online classes remember you are in your classmate’s/teacher’s house, so be acceptable of noises, people walking pass or incidents. Nobody is perfect, no house is perfect, your teacher is not perfect. Don’t be critical, be flexible!

In case of a Online Seminars: when logging in to Zoom, make sure to mute your MIC and turn on your camera. In case of a weak connection slowing the video, or anything that prevents you from having your camera on, please make sure to have a photo on your profile with your name/preferred pronouns on. It is very disturbing to teach a black square.


In an Online Seminar, as you log in write your name on the chat. This is how I collect the attendance.

Log in to Zoom by using SSO, otherwise you will be locked out and unable to attend the session. This is an important step to prevent hacking, and it is your responsibility to log in using your university credentials.

Fill in your profile on Canvas, Zoom, Teams. Make sure to upload a photo. We are working online and having full profiles is a good way to build an identity and be part of a learning community.

We are using a different pedagogy, called Flexible Learning. This module is delivered in a blended mode, which combines Autonomous Assynchronous work and PiP. Students are expected to complete the tasks marked as Guided Learning (estudo orientado: tarefas prévias) prior to all Seminars.

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