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The Chapultepec Castle dates back to the time of the Aztecs. It was originally built for Aztec rulers as a retreat space. However, when the Spanish arrived in 1521 it was replaced with European buildings.This symbolized a shift of power from the Azctecs to the new colonial power.

Brief History

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In the life of Mexico's residents, this sybol has had many different meanings throughout the years.It has been a symol of power and colonialism with a lasting impact on the city's identity.It has influenced the city's urban development layout.It has been used as a military academy and imperial residence wich has led to education.

How does it impact life?

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This castle had many diferent functions throughout history.In the past it reinforced social hierarchies.Nowdays it is a public museum.

Is this space democratic?

Is it inclusive or exlusive?

  • Initially it was exclusive
  • Nowdays, it is inclusive

  • A site of indigenous influence
  • Symbol of Spanish colonial rule
  • Military academy
  • Imperial residence