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Definition and Related Terms

Handeling Book Challenges


Banned Books

Intellectual Freedom


Kathy Keyes ~ UNT Fall 2023 ~ INFO 5420

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Definition & Related Terms


"All individuals have the right to hold any belief on any subject and to confey their ideas in any from they deem appropriate."All individuals have "the right to unrestricted access of information and ideas regardless of the communication medium used, the content of the work and the viewpoints of the author and the reciever."

Handeling Book Challenges

As the Librarian...

I have only experienced a casual inquiry in my 8 years working in a middle school library. The infomation provided gives me a plan of action to read and gather materials as well as infom those on my campus so they are also aware of the process.

Be InformedBe PreparedComplaints & ChallengesInform Learning Community

Before the Challenge

Challenges are inevitable, so it is important to have all resources together in one place.


Predictable controversies help teachers and librarians prepare for complaints.Unpredictable controversies take educators by surprise.

What Could Happen

As the Librarian...

At the last book fair, I had a parent that did not like one of the books and put it on social media, but never came to talk to me. This year, I have acquired a list of books that are coming and asked teachers and our PTO to look through the list. Since I am on a middle school campus and the community is conservative, some of the YA books on the list will be controversial.


As the Librarian...

Banned Books Week is something I know about, but have not done. This is an area where I can grow as a librarian to embrace these books and help my middle school students understand why these books are considered dangerous and cause students to think about what they read and how it applies to their personal beliefs.


Action Items

Teaching students about why a book may be challenged or banned can encourage studnts to be more open to other's believs even it they do not match thier own beliefs.

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Brock, R. (2019). The freedom to read. Young adult literature in action: A librarian’s guide (pp. 167-182). Libraries Unlimited. Young, T., Bryan, G., Jacobs, J. S., & Tunnell, M. O. (2019). Controversial books. Children’s literature briefly 7th ed. (pp. 226-237). Pearson.Created using Genially

Be Informed:

  • Intellectual Freedom Manual
  • "Censorship and the School Library Media Center" by Nancy Kravitz (2002)
  • ALA Office of Intellectual Freedom www.ala.org/offices/oif
  • Search online for articles that discuss Intellectual freedom for young adults

This presentation is self-paced. Use the interactive elements to navigate through the different screens and information windows. When you are finished with a page, click the Home button to return the the main screen and choose another "book" to look at.

Unpredictable causes of controversy:

  • possible night terrors
  • attack on livelihood
  • rebel against family values
  • lacks inclusivity
  • distorted history

Be Prepared:

  • Know your school's selection policy
  • If there is not one, create one and get approved by the school board. Iinclude the following items:
    • District library philosophy
    • Selection objectives, responsibility, criteria, and procedures
    • Intellectual Freedom statements
    • Challenged Materials policy

Promote Banned Books

  • Booktalk flyers
  • Dispaly the books together
  • Posters & bookmarks
  • Library website

Intellectual Freedom Terms

  • Censor: Removal of materials
  • Ban: Not circulating certain materials to patrons
  • Challenge: A complaint about specific materials
  • Label: Restricting certain patrons from materials
  • Reconsidering: Listen to concerns about materials and following selection policy
  • Selecting: Purchasing materials that benefit patrons
  • Reading freely: allows young adults to read without restrictions

Inform the Learning Commiunity:

  • Teachers & Administration through staff development
  • Students through lessons, displays, and activities
  • Parents though a forum about the book selection process

Complaints & Challenges:

  • Casual Inquiry - Individual just want to know how materials are selected and to express their concerns.
  • Complaint - Gather reviews about the challenged book, district selection policy, ALA's Library Bill of Rights, NCTE's Freedom to Read statement, and the reconsideration form.
  • Formal Challenge - The district reonsideration committee meets to discuss the challenged book. Then give their decision to the school board and superintendent who may uphold the dicision or not. The book will continue to ciruclate during this process.

Resources for Banned Books:

  • https://www.ala.org/advocacy/bbooks
  • https://bannedbooksweek.org/


  • History teachers - discuss First Admendment
  • English teachers - read a banned or challenged book

Predictable causes of controversy:

  • sexual content
  • profane language
  • violence
  • gay themes
  • diversity issues