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How to tell our stories from the past...

Our stories are situated in the past. When we talk about events in the past, we should take into account certain structures and how they are formed. Take a look at the following information:

• The simple past form of irregular verbs is different for each one of the verbs. They have their own form. Look at the examples: Tell= Told  Run= Ran  Speak= Spoke  Be= Was/Were

 Study= Studied  Work= Worked  Listen= Listened  Play= Played

• We have regular and irregular verbs in the English language. Their past form varies depending on if the verb is regular or irregular.• The simple past form of regular verbs is made by adding –ed at the end. Look at the examples:

My mom didn't teach me to ride a bicycle.I didn't work all night long.My grandpa and I didn't go to the ice cream shop.The children didn't watch the new movie.I didn't have to stay in bed for a week.I didn't break my arm.

we can make negative sentences like these:

My mom taught me to ride a bicycle.I worked all night long. My grandpa and I went to the ice cream shop. The children watched the new movie.I had to stay in bed for a week. I broke my arm.

We can make positive sentences like these: