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made by Alessia Popa,Imma Pandolfi,Aldo Mancino and Angelo Caputo

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In a society, like the current one, very often humen tend to materialize their feelings, ideas and dreams through their clothes, now seen as the simplest and least painful way to express themselves .

However, clothes portray not only what defines the human psyche but also the traditions and culture that accompanies the history of them.





in Romania style get mix with culture, the majority of clothes have geometrical motives and shopes with the colors, such as black, red and white that have historical significates,people wear them during festivities. They vary from place to place in the country.

in the UK, you express your self a lot with your clothes, so different style gets mixed together to create a new ways expression like:vintage, classy ,casual and retro. There the clothes are also sustanable thanks the second hand shops, were you can buy good-material made and less expensive clothes

In Italy, much like the UK, people use clothing as a form of personal expression, whithout being restrained by coltural, religious or legal biases.And what's more it's the trend of the biggest clothing brands such as :Prada,Gucci,Versace and Giorgio Armani. There we can find different style :

in Iran, the style is drive by dress code rules dictated by politics and religion. So with the style you don’t express yourself or your choses, but you’re following medieval ideas that come from a strongly patriarchal society. For example, you can’t use the cosmetics and woman must wear a Burqa, which covers the world body.The costume are , in some region, very beatiful rich of simbols and simbolic signes.



classy ( something past that the people always wear)

vintage(past trends)



casual ( something that can have differens colours and print)

retro (past cultural stile)