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Document return boxes

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Room Reservations: B11 and B12 Room Use Regulations

Library Entrance: Silent Zone.

Floors 1, 2 and 3: Group study spaces and classrooms

Returning documents.

Library Director: Anna Ubach Librarians: Gemma Ivern Marta Marín Rosa Moreno Ester Prat

To access: Blanquerna FCRI Student ID Students from other schools, please ask security personnel.

Searching the library catalog

Silent Zone

Locate the library classification number

Find out which floor it is locate

Retrieve it from the shelf

Go to the Loans Desk

How to find a book on the shelves

Printed Magazine and Journals Current month's newspapers

Website: Blanquerna Libraries

How to search for magazines or journals

New: Magazines and books. Exhibitions.


Group Study Area

Please keep an eye on your personal belongings and also on the library material you are responsible for.


No eating allowed. Drinks allowed: water, coffee, tea...

Please leave the books you are done with in the library book cart.

Printers: Floor 1 and Floor 2 Printing: black and white d

Please be considerate and clean up before leaving.

Lost and found desk: Floor 0, segurity.

Drinkig fountain: Floor 1

How to perform a catalog search

Documents identified with a white label: standard loanDocuments identified whit a red label: reference only