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Genially accompagnant l'unité 2 de l'année en 3e - basé sur le manuel Bloggers 3e


UNIT 2 - My school rules

Bloggers 3e


Dans ce chapitre, je vais savoir...


Parler des traditions scolaires US

Parler des activités et sentiments à l'école

Reconnaître les groupes et les cliques à l'école US

Révisions du futur

Comment exprimer le but

Comment exprimer le souhait

Prononcer le S final

Ecouter et prendre des notes

Lire et comprendre


Plan and select the content and think about the strategies, processes, and skills you want to put into practice with your students to achieve the objectives you've set.

Move from the simple to the more complicated. Learning should be gradual and progressive. Start from where students are and what they already know. Link the activities with a meaningful common thread. Each activity should be a rung on the ladder, allowing them to progress in their learning.

Keep in mind from the beginning how you're going to evaluate this unit and what criteria you'll apply. And of course, remember to establish expectations and deliverables; what assignments do you want to set, and in what format do you want them? The activities that make up the unit plan should form a path towards a passing grade, which is why it's important to share from the get-go what you'll be expecting from students.

Encourage your students to resolve, investigate, reflect, and create. Allow them to improvise. Open the floor up to debate and let them express their opinions freely.

Avoid fireworks in class. Be practical. Everything you do should aim to facilitate learning. Make it motivating and awesome but always meaningful.

Contextualize learning materials and use real-world content. The unit plan should be able to answer the question "How will I use this knowledge in real life?".

  • headphones
  • a helmet
  • a camera
  • a Mohawk
  • studded clouté
  • a jersey

Look at the pictureWhat do you see?

UNIT 2 - My school rules

I. School groups



Listen and take notes


Let's recap!



Let's recap!