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My favourite holiday destination!


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I went to Val Gardena and to Brunico.They are two little cities. They are touristic destinations.

I went to Braies lake. It was beautiful! There wasn't sun but the colour of the lake was wonderful too.

I walked so much! Every day me and my family went to do really long walks, like 5 or 6 hours! It was so hard!

I wen there between July and august!The weather wasn't so good, it was cloudy and rainy bau I had fun. It was cold... in the evening there were 10°!

In the holiday we rented 4 bikes and we went to Ortisei and some other cities! We did 60km! We were really tired after that day!We found many wood fruits like strawberries and raspberries! They were delicious!We saw many animals! We saw fawns, a snake, ducks ,goats and bees! I really love animals!