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by Taylor Swift

Won almost 500 awards and sold 50 million albums

Her famous albums:

The most of her songs is about love and her exes.

Who is Taylor Swift

Taylor Alison Swift, 33 years old, an American singer-songwriter and actress.

This tour reflects the different periods of her life. She said " it's a journey through all the musical eras of her career"

What is The Eras Tour

This is a world tour she shared last November. This is her sixth tour, from March 2023 to November 2024

Folkore album

"Look what you made me do" looks

  • 45 songs and lasts 3 hours 15 minutes
  • 16 dancers
  • Changes costumes and sets several times


1 chance in 400 of getting a place

Ticketmaster down.Too many connections led to bug for everyone, disproportionate rise in prices.

The ticket sale

And there are those who didn't get a ticket but enjoy her voice outside the stadium

Several tweets confirm that Taylor's concert in Seattle was like an earthquake caused by the crownd jumping to "Shake it off"

The swifties

The end thank you

A video behind her during her song "look what you made me do" showing her various looks over 17 years career.