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Anne Murray Alzheimer's Association

Prepared by: Jocelyn MercadoIUI Cavanaugh Hall Room 008DW231- Writing Project 1September 16, 2023

Finding and cultivating the next generation of philanthropists

The Alzheimer's Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to finding a cure for Alzheimer's and all other dementia by:

  • accelerating global research
  • driving risk reduction and early detection
  • maximizing quality care and support.
They hold several events through out the year to help raise awareness and support

About the Alzheimer's Association

Anne MurrayDirector of Development (Relationship-building)"We are always eager to learn more about our state's future volunteer leaders so we can meet them where they are today, and support them in their quest to make a difference tomorrow."

Our Client

The Alzheimer's disease sets out to erase the memories of millions as well as leading to the death of those whom are affected by it. The Association has made it their mission to end the disease and dementia related ones.

Why The Alzheimer's Association

We are looking for ways to identify and cultivate the next generation of philanthropists to help with increasing donations or bring more people in to help find a cure.Donations and scientists are essential parts in what the Alzheimer's Association sets out to do- create a world without Alzheimer's, but they can only last so long without the future generations.

Finding and cultivating the next generation of philanthropists


Networking with a non-profit company close to campus

Helping an organization set out to rid the world of Alzheimer's.

Knowing that you are helping an organization protect our loved ones and their memories


Vote for my project so that we may help the Alzheimer's Association find their future.Help me help you. Give part of your time to my project, so that your help may be returned to those around you.

Vote to Help the Alzheimer Association


What kind of research is the client looking for? Social? Philanthropic?

What can I do to help if I don't join the team?