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A Presentation by Maeva, Colombine and Khulan
How Indigenous kids survived 40 days in Colombia's rainforest after a plane crash

On May 1st of 2023, a small plane crashed in the Amazon rainforest, near Southern Colombia.After 2 weeks, the Colombian forces arrived at the scene, and found 3 lifeless bodies... They also discoverd that there where 4 children on board thanks to clues : Lesly (13), Soleiny (9), Tien Noriel (4) and baby Cristin (11 months), but they were missing...

A Tragic Accident

Eventually the search involved more than 350 people

An intense search code named "Operation Hope" was launched by the Colombian forces, as they knew the children were still alive thanks to clues such as : a baby bottle, small shoes, small foot prints and diapers. the search invoved :

"Operation Hope"

  • 11 Aircrafts
  • 92 Indigenous trackers
  • 113 Commandos with dogs
  • more than 30 other organisation and volunteers

In the Rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest is filled with dangerous species and animals such as jaguars, piranhas, venimous snakes, poisonous plantes and mosquitos that could transmit diseases that are deadly if not treated in time.

The Survival

The children survived thanks to the ancestral knowledge, passed down to them by their grandmother.They had two small bags containing some clothes, a towel, a flashlight, two cellphones, a music box and a soda bottle :.

  • They used the bottle to collect water.
  • They hid in tree trunks to protect themselves from danger and slept inside a plastic tarp.
  • The siblings survived eating cassava flour, seeds, and the rainforest's fruits.
  • They found boxes of food and survival kits that the helicopters dropped for them.

As the seach continued, rescuers used speakers that blasted a message recorded by the siblings' grandmother telling them to stay in one place. On June 9th, an indigenous tracker found the children !Lesly, the oldest, holding the one year old in her arms said to the man : "We're hungry".On the same day they were sent to Colombia's Military Hospital in Bogota.It was later revealed that the mother of the children survived the crash, but died 4 day later, telling them to leave the wreck and find help.The children, now recovered, will remain under Colombia's child protection services amid a custody battle among relatives.

The rescue