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Home Damage Claims

what to do?





Aldesa Training Department

here's on what to do:


  • From: (firstname.lastname@alder.com)
  • To: homedamage@alder.com
  • Subject: Home Damage: (Account #) - (Customer Name)
  • Description:
(Account #) - (Customer Name) called in from (Customer Phone #) to make a claim regarding a recent home damage incident related to a service technician
  • Service Technician: (Name of Service Technician)
  • Home Damage Service Ticket Number: (Ticket #)
  • Description of Incident: (List all relevant information provided by the technician and customer here. Ensure complaints are worded professionally and do not include direct quotes from the customer or the technician.)
  • Attached Damage Pictures: *All pictures of the home damage sent by the customer should be attached in the email, as well as having been uploaded to the account's Document Management screen.
  • Agent Name
  • Agent Job Title

home damage email format (cci without technician)

The customer support agent will create a “Home Damage” service ticket within the customer’s account.

The agent will notate the account with information about the customer's call and damage claim. Once all the appropriate notes have been taken and the pictures have been received and uploaded to the customer's account, the Customer Service agent will:

  • Verify with the customer that the mailing address on file is correct.
  • Inform the customer that we will review the damage claim and reach out to them within 3 business days with information regarding their damage claim and any quotes we have for them, if applicable. The agent will not make any promises or suggest that the technician was at fault for home damage that may have occurred. Instead, they should assure the customer that we will thoroughly investigate the damage claim and we will stay in contact with them until we reach a resolution.
  • If the customer has additional questions, inform them that we will investigate the damage and check to see if a technician is still in the area who can assist with obtaining quotes when it's necessary. If no technician is available, we'll take care of obtaining quotes for the customer during the backend process

Check Format

The agent will send an email to homedamage@alder.com following the damage claim email format below.

Agent will ask the customer to send all pictures of damage to their work email (firstname.lastname@alder.com) and give a statement of what happened that caused the damage.

  • The agent will upload all appropriate home damage pictures to the Document Management section of the customer's account with a Document Type of “Damage Pictures”.