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Action Shelf

A Pando Navigation and Procedure Guide



Action Shelf


  • Accounting
  • Credit Request
  • Customer Orders
  • Data Entry
  • Equipment
  • Esign
  • Letters
  • Publish
  • Returns


Action Shelf

  • Accounting - where we can see Payment History, Credits, Refunds, Invoice Items, Transaction ID, Payment Status and dates.
  • Credit Request - used when applying credit to customer's account.
  • Customer Orders - where we create, modify and check order updates.


Action Shelf

  • Data Enty - a page that shows the account before it was published.
  • Equipment - shows the list of equipment that the customer have in their sytem including its zones, serial number. etc.
  • Esign - tab where we can make changes with customers' agreement and send it to them.


Action Shelf

  • Letters - tab where we can see or send to customers their requested documents.
  • Publish - tab where the checklist for installing the security system is completed before its activated.
  • Returns - tab where we process returning customers their equipment.


Letters Tab


Documents here are sent to customers through email or mail:

  • Account Statement
  • Account Statement Invoice
  • Alarm Monitoring Certificate
  • Verbal Passcode Letter

Play Tutorial

Sending the customers their Verbal Password

First, hit the small arrow pointing to the left, that's the Action Shelf.

Look for "Letters"then hit it.

Be sure to scroll down to check the email. DO NOT CHANGE the email when sending the verbal password.Hit then "Email Letter" so that customers will receive their verbal password.

If customers doesn't have an email address on file or asks for the mail versionHitting "Verbal Passcode Letter" then "Print" will do it. There's a message that will show that it was printed on QUE so don't press it many times.



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