Want to make creations as awesome as this one?


Click On M&M

Click on bag

No candy here.

NO" Nobody is home.

Click anywhere to continue


"Um, NO"

Spooky house, let's see if anyone is home.

Click here

The neighbors are getting stranger and stranger every year. While eating candy in bed you start reading the most common dreams people have.

That was a weird dream. Maybe it was not the best idea to eat all of the halloween candy before bed.

To escape the Dreamworld you must pass all the challenges. Remember these skills to help you:

  • Staying on task.
  • Accepting no.
  • Voice tone.
Oh, look, is that a door?

Another door?????

Break the code!

What is the password?




Open Sesame

Go back and try again.Click anywhere on screen.

You stepped on Animal Crackers!

Watch the video. How many clowns are there?

Number of clowns that came out of the car?


13 clowns 10 clowns 9 clowns 15 clowns

Think about the steps needed to complete the task. Focus all of your attention on the task. Stop working only when instructed. Ignore distractions and interruptions from others.

What skill is this?


Follow the instuctions and find the magic number fail and be trapped forever.

Everyone takes a sticky note from the Candyland game.Everyone chooses a number from 1 to 10 and keep it secret.

  1. Choosen number
  2. Multiply it by 3.
  3. Add 6.
  4. Divide this number by 3.
  5. Subtract the number from Step 1 from the answer in Step 4.
  • You will all have the same answer: this is the magic number.

  • You will all have the same answer.
  • This is the magic number.

What word is always spelled wrong? Answer: “W-R-O-N-G.”That is what your answer was.

Click and try again.

Following Instructions:Look at the person.Say "Okay".Do what you have been asked right away.Check back.

You have a 1 min to eat cookie.

Number of clowns times 10 equals the number of the locker for the next clue. The items you need for your next task are in the locker

What were the 3 Boys Town skills you needed at the beginning? Bring them with you from the bag.