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Newton County School System

Digital Resource Implementation Guide

School Level Purchased Resources

Special Education, EIP, & ESOL Resources

Tech 10 Resources & DLC

District Level Digital Resources

Data, Privacy & Security


Data, Privacy, & Security Overview

privacy laws

Digital Resource Request Process

TEacher Responsibility

coppa by Misty Smith

NCSS Digital Resource Request Process.pdf by Misty Smith

Blue Technology Troubleshooting Tips Infographic by Misty Smith


Social Studies



NCSS District Digital Resources

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Student creation tools

Teacher creation tools

Cloud based accessibility

Classroom Management


Special Areas

Music Class Computer Lab Social Emotional Learning

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Book Creator

  • Create books to share with students for interactive notes
  • Have students create books to share as formative or summative learning assignments
  • Add on apps to enhance learning such as Canva, FLIP, or stickers

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Tech 10 & DLC

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Audio Enhancement & EPIC Systems

  • Use the teardrop or pendant mic to help amplify your voice in the classroom
  • Schedule and review recordings or share to support students who may have missed a lesson.

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Discovery Education & NearPod

  • Create lessons, assignments, quizzes etc... to share with students via the platform or Canvas
  • Lots of prebuilt lessons ready for all standards to differentiate based on your needs
  • Give real time feedback

Teraye Law

Digital Learning Coach


  • MyLaunchPad holds the keys to sign in with one single login all district and school level resources are available in one spot!
  • Create folders to group digital resources
  • Favorite apps to build an easy to access tray at the bottom of the page

Office & Google Suites

  • Access to email (Microsoft) and share drives
  • Variety of tools to design and share with teachers, students and or parents easily


  • Rostered based on your classes
  • Send messages to one or more classes or individuals
  • Schedule messages to go out when needed
  • Use translation to support ESOL families
  • Take advantage of the phone tool to keep your information private


  • Monitor and manage students' internet access.
  • View students' devices in real-time.
  • Download detailed reports on student internet usage, including websites visited, time spent on each site, and application usage.


  • Never share your personal phone number again using Zoom phones
  • Create and manage virtual meetings with other teachers, students, and or parents


  • Learning Management System
  • Create Assignments using Tech 10 Resources & assign to the entire class
  • Create Quizzes or Discussions
  • Send messages to students missing assignments


Social Studies



Classroom Management

School Level Digital Resources

ALL Grade Levels 3rd-5th Grade 4th & 5th Grade

ALL Grade Levels 3rd-5th Grade 4th & 5th Grade 4th Grade

ALL Grade Levels 3rd-5th Grade

ALL Grade Levels 3rd-5th Grade

Special Education



Special Education, ESOL, & EIP Digital Resources

What would you do?

A person you've never met walks up to you in the store and asks for your name.

A person living in your neighborhood that you have never spoken to invites you into their house for a snack.

Walking down the street a person with a microphone walks up and asks you how old you are and your birthday.

You are given the opportunity to go on a trip for FREE but the information you share with the agency will never be removed from their database.

NearPod & Discovery Education provides a platform for educators to create interactive lessons using a wide range of content types, such as slides, videos, 3D models, web pages, and more. Educators can incorporate their own materials or choose from a library of pre-made lessons shared by other educators. Educators can embed interactive elements within their presentations, such as quizzes, polls, open-ended questions, and collaborative activities. Students can participate and respond to these activities using their devices, fostering greater engagement and participation.