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How to express a contrast between past and present of our lives?

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Before I was fat and now I am slim. Some years ago I was in the school and nowadays I am in the university.

First, you should know that we use certain words to express comparisons between the past and present. Here, there are some examples: for example:

You can use these for actions in the past:When I was a child, some years ago, last year, a long time ago, in 2005...

You can use these for actions in the present:at the moment, now, right now, today, these days, this year...

Those words are known as time expressions.

What happens with the words in red?

  • When Hector was a child he practiced basketball, now he is an adult and he doesn’t practice any sport.
  • Last year I was a university student, nowadays, I am a teacher.
  • Before Danna worked in a factory, now she works in a bank.
  • Some years ago Christian had a motorbike, nowadays he has got a car.
  • Julian used to eat many candies, but now he doesn’t.

You can compare: roles, work, physical characteristics, things that you possessed and now you don’t, things you used to do but now you don’t. For example:

What other things can I express to contrast present and past changes?