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Homeroom Advisory Calendar 2023-2024


Vibrant Victory


Falling Forward


Hopeful Hobbies


Transcendent Traditions



Vibrant Victory

  • What part of your personality makes you feel victorious:
    • in life?
    • in school?
    • with friends?
    • with family?
    • at work?
  • Is there a part of your personality that you feel needs to change for you to find "victory"?

Virtual Locker

That's an odd question. Let's dive a bit deeper. For the next few minutes, you are going to answer some questions that will help you understand YOU. Be honest! When you are done, you will be assigned a color and an explanation of what makes you. When you are done, click on the green icon below to add your color. Let's see the rainbow of colors that makes our Homeroom so special!

What is Your Color?



Falling Forward

  • What Motivates you to "fall forward" as:
    • a student?
    • a worker?
    • a gamer?
    • an athlete?
  • What happens when we lose our motivation to keep going forward?
  • How do those moments of "falling forward" help you as a person?
  • How do you help motivate others to keep going and fall forward?

Why do We Fall?

We're going to watch a few minutes of this video. As we do, add a GIF to the padlet below that reflects the emotions or feelings you have while watching the video.

Let's have some fun! Often society looks at celebrities and thinks, "They have it all". But, in reality, they are just everyday people who stay motivated to fulfill their goals. In this game, we will talk about some celebrities who had to have patience and grit to FALL FORWARD and achieve their dreams!

Guess Who?



Hopeful Hobbies

  • What is your favorite hobby?
    • Is it:
      • something you do outside?
      • something you do alone or with others?
      • artistic?
      • athletic?
      • seasonal?
      • healthy?
      • something you can see yourself turning into a career?

Would You Rather?

Have some fun playing "Would You Rather?" and see if any of YOUR hobbies fit into one of the questions!

Think about what you want from this year or for your future. Use the "+" link to create a vision board for yourself. Think about your hobbies, obstacles and what you want for your future.If a Vision Board isn't for you, click on the link below to read more about famouse celebrities who failed at first and then found success.

Create a Digital Vision Board




Transcedent Traditions

  • What traditions do you celebrate:
    • with friends?
    • with family?
    • at your job?
  • Do you have a favorite tradition?
  • If you don't, what tradition would you like to start?

When you are done, add your favorite tradition or one you'd like to begin on the Nearpod below.


+ Info

Watch the video above about traditions from around the world shared by students just like you!

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