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Ed ora tocca a voi!

Che cosa vi serve?

Come valuto?

Come studieremo?


Che cosa studieremo



Economia aziendale 👩‍🏫

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Iniziamo il ripasso...

We avoid being part of the content saturation in the digital world.


We need to interact with each other. We learn collaboratively.


We teach through stories. They entertain us and help us stay focused.


We are able to understand images from millions of years ago, even from other cultures.

We are visual beings

We are in the era of the explosion of digital information. This causes our way of obtaining information to have changed, we have transitioned from traditional reading to a cognitive strategy based on navigation.

How are we going to evaluate?








Descriviti con tre aggettivi che rappresentano tue qualità e tre che rappresentano possibili difetti





  • Improve understanding about any topic.
  • Engage the entire class...
  • And keep their attention until the end.
  • Include visually appropriate elements to the topic.
  • Display data and information visually.
  • Use interactivity to delve into concepts.

Show enthusiasm, give a smile and maintain eye contact with the rest of the people in the classroom can be your best allies when it comes to presenting content and creating motivating learning experiences. With that and some interactive content up to par, no class will resist you!

How are we going to learn?


Did you know that Genially allows you to share your creation directly, without the need for downloads? Ready for students to view it on any device and learn from anywhere.

  • Generate learning experiences with your content.
  • Measure results and experiment.
  • Interactivity + animation = motivation.
  • Activate and surprise the class.
  • Make your class think and learn.
  • It is neat, hierarchical, and structured.

Curiosità, voglia di imparare...ma anche la calcolatrice, fogli protocollo (per le verifiche)

Che cosa ci serve?

Poi approfondiremo:

  • la gestione dei beni strumentali
  • la gestione delle risorse umane
  • le operazioni con le banche
  • gli investimenti in borsa
  • la gestione del magazzino
  • il marketing
  • le società
  • il bilancio

Che cosa impareremo quest'anno?

Prima completeremo il programma di III