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Room 3007

Mr. Cruz's Technology Basics

My name is Richard Cruz and I have been teaching Science at Bradley Middle School since 2000. I received a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies/Science-Life-Physical-Earth, from the University Of Texas San Antonio. I truly enjoy working at one of the best middle school Science programs in the district.* Bradley Science Department Chair* Bradley Web Page Coordinator* Bradley Cyber Patriot Coach* email: rcruz@neisd.net


Mr. Cruz Technology Basicsemail: rcruz@neisd.net

Pay attention, participate, and ask questions

Number 6

Follow class procedures and directions

Number 5

Arrive on Time

Number 3

Come to class prepared

Number 2

Number 4

Create original work

Number 1

Be respectful and polite to everyone

Classroom Expectations

* One classwork grade will be dropped every nine weeks.* Late work may receive a 20% deduction.* Make-up Work will be available to students when they return to class. Students are responsible for getting any missing work.




Daily Classwork

E = mc2




Parents and Students are able to view grades in Skyward. This is an excellent way to check student progress throughout the year.

SUPPLIES/MATERIALS* Pocket Folder* Pen/Pencil* Loose notebook paper* A section in a binder to keep class material that that is not kept in the pocket folder.

Students are expected to respect all safety rules and procedures at ALL times. Lab priviliges MAY be forfeited when violations occur.

TARDY TO CLASS* It is the responsibility of the student to get to class on time.Tardies will be issued and wewill follow the campus tardypolicy,

CELL PHONE POLICYCell phones will be placed away and turned off. Phones may be used with teacher permission for instructional purposes only. Failure to do so will result with phone taken up and given to the front office for parent pick-up.


Bradley Science


Web Based Applications

Digital Citizenship

A visual programming language that allows students to create their own interactive stories, games and animations.

Suite of web-based applications that lets you create and manage documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more.

The basic rules of conduct users of technology should follow in order to be responsible citizens

Typing Skills

Competitive typing game used to enhance typing skills.,

1st Semester

Units of Study

3D Modeling



Program used for a wide range of 3D modeling projects like architectural, interior design, landscape architecture, and video game design

Video content to teach kids coding basics with Scratch for CS First, a special version of the Scratch coding editor inside the CS First website.

Graphic design tool that works to simplify the process of digital design.

Digital Projects

Curriculum that uses a series of videos to guide learners through creating a project from scratch.

2nd Semester

Units of Study

Mr. Cruz's Technology Basicsemail: rcruz@neisd.net