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In this slide, we will talk about how cells are like a store.

How Is a Cell like a Store ?

I know what you are thinking. How is a teeny-tiny Cell like a Store? First, you need to know how a Store and Cells Work.

You go to it almost every day. It's a store ! Like Walmart, Target, Kroger, and Home Depot. People work here and do a job to help the store running.

This is a Cell. This is a cell you would find in humans and Animals. These guys are small so you would need a microscope in order to see it.

Inside the store

Pretend that you are shopping in Walmart. Click the Buttons to see what is inside.

You try to go inside but find a guard at the door. He looks at you for a moment. Then, he lets you in. He was just checking to see if you are not a criminal. He makes sure what leaves and goes in the store.

You look and see the manager. He goes to one of the people who works there and gives him a thumbs-up. He was checking to see if everyone was working hard. Without their work, Controlling the store will be hard. The Manager makes sure everything is in order.

You wonder at the shape of the building. Why do all stores have bricks around them? Well, there is one reason. To protect the Building because you don't want people to get wet from the rain so they need a roof. Without it, Everyone will be soaking wet.

You had a nightmare last night about going to a store and you fell into an endless void. But you are not afraid when you go in because you know there will be a floor. The Floor is important because without it the displays would fall to the floor if there was one under it.

You just found an outfit you wanted but all of a sudden the lights switch off. Nobody could see at least for 1 minute. The PTA says that they just had a problem and the lights turned on. You know know why they need light. In order to see the produce or what the stores offer.

Inside a Cell

This is a diagram of an Animal Cell. Click on the buttons to check parts of the cell.

This is the Nucleus. Like your brain, the Nucleus controls the actions and activities that happen in the cell. Without it, The cell will not know what to do.

This is the Cell Membrane. Let's say that a nasty virus got into your body and came in contact with your cell. But it does not get infected (Depending on the virus) This is the cell membrane at work (Protecting the cell).

This little red guy is called a mitochondrion. Taking care of your cells takes a lot of energy to do. That is the mitochondrion's job to provide energy to your cells to keep them running.

Your cell part is the most important part of your cells. But first, they need a place to stay from them to get to the right function. the Cytoplasm is the subsets that keep all of your cell parts in the right place.

Fun Fact

Your whole body is 43% full of Cells

Everything else is 57%

Think about the two slides.

Review (Part 1)

  • We know how a store and cell function
  • We also know how a store and a cell are alike
  • In this part, we will review how they are the same and different



Really big

Use People

Use neatuarl produce

Really Small

Use cell parts

Use cell organs

Use same funtions

Review (Part 2)

Check for understanding: Store and Cells are the same

Today, we talked about how a store and cell. Example: A Manager and a Nucleus both tell the store or cell what to do. We also compared how they are Different. Example: A cell is small but a store is huge.

Thank You for Watching

And Have a Great Day

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A cell is an organism that lives in your body and protects it (Not all cells have the same roll or shape). This is an animal cell ( Two types: Plant and Animal). Below their is their appearance

Review: Cell

  • Really Small
  • Use Organelles
  • This is an Animal cell
  • Inside your body

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This Store. Of course, you know that. There are many kinds of Stores like Walmart, Kroger, Target, Home Depot, ALDI, and Food Depot. Many people work here and help to keep the store running.

Review: Store

  • Really Big
  • Use People
  • Many Types of Stores
  • Found Outside

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