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Tips for Parents of the gifted Child

Preparing Gifted Kids for Academic Rigor

Habits of mind

Encourage the "WHat if..." thinking

Challenge and Differentiation in the classroom




Helping your child change their patterns of intellectual behavior, or habits of mind, to better accept new challenges in their academic or personal lifestyle, so they can accomplish what they should accomplish.

Encourage your child to have conversations after a lesson, or chat, and explore the "what if's". What if you did that assignment another way? What are some other questions you have on that subject? What if you tried that problem another way? What if you failed at something, how would you improve it?Engage students with real-life challenges and encourage persistence and questioning. Encourage your child to explore different avenues to build brain capacity and comfort with challenges.

Going above and beyond to build your child's personal best

Differentiated Instruction is the varied, leveled approach to meeting student's diverse learning levels in the classroom. The goal of differentiated instruction is to make certain that everyone grows as much as possible in all key skills and knowledge areas, moving on from their starting points.

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