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Martina Natali5CTG

the picture of DORIAN GRAY

Oscar Wilde

The pact with the devil

the plot

Dorian Gray, a young man of extraordinary beauty, had his portrait painted by a painter. Obsessed by the fear of old age, he obtains, with a spell, that every sign that time should leave on his face appears instead only on the portrait.

the pact with devil

He abandons his girlfriend Sybil and kills the painter. The frightening face of the painting becomes a severe indictment against him. In a moment of desperation he scars him with a dagger. But hitting the portrait means hitting himself and Dorian dies


Sybil Vane

Lord Henry Wotton

Basi Hallward

Dorian Gray

the characters

Very charming young twenty year old. He has an elusive character and everyone feels attracted to his way of doing things. Becomes the model of works for Basil Hallward

dorian gray

He has an intellectual expression and behaves in a mysterious manner. He has a proud character. When he paints a picture he puts all of himself into it and fears being "exposed"

basil hallward

He is very rich and intelligent. He is married to a duchess but their relationship is only formal. According to him, the modern man is the one who is always informed about everything

lord henry wotton

She is the actress with whom Dorian is in love. They get engaged but then Dorian leaves her and she commits suicide

sybil vane

19th century Victorian London

The setting

It became the largest city and port in the world and the heart of trade. The London Underground was built

London grew enormously to become a global city of immense importance.