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Assessment Workshop 1

Today's session is to look at why and how we do assessments. Before we go any further I want to think about why we do assessments?So in pairs I want you to discuss the following questions

  • Why do we do assessments?
  • What type of assessments have you done in the past?
  • What do you think the purpose of 'Assessment workshops' is?
You have 5 minutes - be prepared to share back

Opener - think, pair, share

Assessment workshops are here to support you in your assessments

  • knowledge and skills to complete your assessments sucessfully
  • scaffold towards them
  • Oppurtunities for tutor and peer feedback
  • One important skill for being sucessful in assessments is planning,
  • Below is a document which will help you in planning for all your assessments (not just for this module)



For this you will need

  • The assessment checklist - available below
  • To know where to find your assessment briefs!
In pairs do the following
  • Using the Assessment brief fill in the checklist for your first assessment
  • You have a maximum of 15 minutes
  • When completed check with your tutor
  • If you complete sucessfully - identify the key steps you think you'll need to take to complete your assessment
  • Using either a timescale (week by week plan) plot out these key steps over the next 11 weeks.