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The LandladyEnding

As the days passed, Billy Weaver couldn't shake off the eerie feeling that had settled over him since his arrival at the cozy, but peculiar, Bed and Breakfast. The landlady, with her unnerving smile and strange habits, continued to cast a shadow of doubt in his mind.

One evening, as he sat in the dimly lit parlor, Billy couldn't resist his curiosity any longer. He discreetly wandered into the back of the house, where he had glimpsed the landlady entering a room marked "Private." The door creaked as he pushed it open, revealing a room that was unlike any he had ever seen.

The room was filled with rows of glass cases, each containing a stuffed animal. Cats, dogs, birds, and even a parrot, all impeccably preserved. Billy's heart pounded as he realized that these were the pets of the past guests who had checked into the Bed and Breakfast and never checked out.

His mind raced, and the pieces started to come together. The landlady had been friendly, too friendly perhaps, and her kindness seemed to hide a sinister secret. Billy knew he had to leave, but he couldn't do so without arousing her suspicions.

That night, he feigned fatigue and retired to his room, vowing to escape first thing in the morning. But sleep eluded him as he lay in the bed, haunted by the unnerving discovery he had made.

Morning came, and Billy made a hasty exit, not daring to look back as he left the Bed and Breakfast behind. He never saw the landlady again, and he couldn't help but wonder how many other unsuspecting travelers had fallen into her sinister trap.

As he walked away, he couldn't shake the feeling that he had narrowly escaped a fate worse than he could have ever imagined. The memory of the landlady's chilling smile would forever be etched in his mind, a reminder of the darkness that could lurk behind even the most welcoming facades.

The End