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In what ways did the Teddy Boys impose themselves in post war Britain despite being highly unappreciated ?

The Teddy Boys


Revival in the 70s.

II/ The Impact on following youth cultures
c) Reception
b) Fashion & Music
a) Origins
I/ Who were the Teddy Boys ?
Introduction : Post War Britain


  • Welfare State
  • Economical & cultural opening

Introduction : Post-War Britain

a) The Origins
  • First youth movement in post war Britain.
  • 1950s
  • Working class kids
  • Edwardian clothing
  • Rock n Roll

I/ Who were the Teddy Boys ?

  • Initially called "Cosh Boy", associated with 1940s delinquants : the "Spivs".
  • Inspired Lewis Gilbert to direct Cosh Boy in 1952.

"Edwardian to Teddy"

  • The term "Teddy Boys" coined by the Daily Express in 1954.

b) Fashion & Music

  • Edwardian influences
  • American influences : zootsuit
Rock n Roll
BLackboard Jungle by Richard Brooks, 1955

Rock around the Clock, Bill Haley

Rock n Roll
  • Elvis Presley
  • Jerry Lee Lewis
  • Ken Mackintosh - The Creep
c) Public Reception
  • Notting Hill Riots
  • 1958
  • Racist Views
  • 1960s : The Beatles

II/ The impact on following youth subcultures

The London Rock and Roll Show, 1972
Revival in the 70s
  • Vivienne Westwood & Malcom Mclaren
  • Let it Rock, 1971
Chris Steele-Perkins, 1976
A Clockwork Orange, Stanley Kubrick, 1971


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