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The problem of the gender pay gap.

In my presentation we will find out more about this tipe of discrimination with:

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The so called "gender pay gap" is a problem regarding the different treatment reserved to the women in the workplace with different salary and different working opportunuties.

Let's talk about gender pay gap !

Here's a grafic who reports the differences (in %) between men andwomen's salary in the most important nations of the UE and in the USA

Gender pay gap statistics from the UE to the USA

In Italy for example we can see few improvements, regarding the gender gap pay, between 2021 and 2022. In fact the World Economic Forum saied, in the Global Gender Gap Report that, if we will conitue by this way, the years that it will takes to achive de "perfect" equality passed form 136 to 132.


Personally I didn't know eny woman who is dicriminated in her work place, but I have heard about an episode of sex discriminations during the job intervew, when the boss asks to a female candidate if she has children. She responds yes and at the end of the meeting the chief saied that he is not interested and that he will not hire her because.

Personal experience

In the future I hope that women and men will be equal and their salary and their work opportunities will be the same as it would be in a perfect world. I hope that all the nations will recognise this tought and only then we will make another step closer to create a utopic Earth.

Expectation for the future

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