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Davide Bigaran

In the Shadow of the mountain, talks about the British journalist Clare Newton and her journey to find her grandfather's body. Her grandfather, Edward Crowe, was an alpinist that got lost on the Matternhorn, in Switzerland. Long and long time ago.

Clare asked to Bruno(a mountain guide) if he could help her. Bruno said yes, they went on the glacier to see and keep the body. The team brought the body in Zermatt to examine it. The avidence was clear the body was her grandfather.

The body has stayied under the ice for 80 years when the glacier was retired and from it apeared the body. Clare told people about her story, when she met Bruno.

She received two letters that talked about a body found near the Matternhorn. After that news she had to go in Zermatt to discover if the body was really of her grand father. She flew to Zermatt and stayied there for some days.

Edward was an alpinist that died on the glacier long time ago, when he was climbing on matternhorn. They discovered that her grandfather wasn't dead by a fall. Bruno suppoused who he were dead from hypotermia.

She was very happy and proud to have found the body. Immediatly she called home saying who she had found the body with the help of Bruno and his team.

She won't forget that trip around the Matternhorn. Clare came back at home with a great experiance and a lot of things to say. So many things to write a book.

in the shadow of the mountain

Helen Naylor