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Enjoy this video about who I am!

Hi everyone :)I'm Brittany!

How I spent my summer?

Phillies game with my family!

Beach days in LBI andnights on the Ocean City Boardwalk(of course we had to ride double shot!!)

Fun nights hanging out with friends!

Rita's nights (including pup cups)

A lot of swimming in the pool!

I am a high school math teacher at BCIT!but I wear a lot of hats :)

Current job?

varsity cheerleading coach


class of 2027 advisor

head teacher of math department

I absolutely love what I do but I hope eventually to move up into a supervisor position and maybe become a Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Dream job?

Dream location for a remote office?

a house on the beach in long beach island

I use a lot of technology in the classroom to get my students engaged! Here are some of my favorites :)

How I apply tech?

Favorite song/music?

I absolutely love Taylor Swift! I saw her twice this summer. Once in Philly and once in Chicago!

Thanks for watching!

Background music "Long Live" by Taylor Swift