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Welcome to ELA PLCs

paperback or hardbackebook or audiobooklibrary or bookstoreadult or young adultreading with candles or reading with essential oilsindoors or outdoorssofa or bedunlimited free books or live inside your favorite book

stamp or chat message which you pick

This or that bookworm edition



Who are we

grade level writing

this or that

PLC places


  • take an inquiry stance.
  • ground statements in evidence
  • assume positive intentions & take responsibility for impact.
  • stick to protocol & hear all voices
  • start and stop on time
  • be here now


  • Houses all things PLC
  • updating weekly invites with Sneak Peeks
  • Rolling agenda - universal
  • 3 minutes reflection
  • What writing have you seen already this year?
  • What do learners need to 'do well' for the end of the year?
  • What do learners generally need 'most' based on your experience?


bonus article

  • 3 minutes Notice & Wonder
  • Grade level writing standards
  • Next grade level writing standards


What could we do to make it more helpful?
What was helpful about today's meeting?

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