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Is the letter that the dance school sent him, which is very important for Billy because he was very sad. He thought to be failed at the dance school, but the school admitted him.

I chose a pair of dance shoes because the dance teacher gave to him these, he started to dance and every time that he wore the shoes he was always happy and was starting to dance.

The object is a boxing glove. I chose this because before he started to dance he played box and before him, his father and his brother played box. His father loved the sport and he wanted Billy to practice it. But Billy didn’t like it and for that he started dancing.

I chose this because for me is the most important for the story, is the paradise, in the foto is represented with clouds. Is very important for the story because Billy’s mom is dead. Billy was very sad but he has found strength from this and he became a very good dancer.

I chose a piece of coal because his dad and his brother worked in mine at that time. In many days there were strikes on the street, and the people didn’t go to mine to protest.

I chose some money. I think the money must be in the photo because Billy's family was very poor. Jackie and Tony earn little and they could not pay for all the dance lessons.