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I put the dance pointes because they represent Billy's passion, the dance, the sport in which he is good and in which he has been successful. This object is important because it explains the liberty of the people; every person can practice any sports he or she wants. There aren't sports for girls and sports for boys, the sport is for everyone and Billy continued his passion without thinking about the judgments.

The letter represents the moment in which the postman left the post in Elliot's house and Billy received the communication of admission to the dance school. I think it's important because even though you are poor it doesn't mean you aren't good in something. The sport in which Billy’s successful is dance. He didn't give up and he was able to enter in the famous school.

I chose the pillow with the British flag because Billy and his family live in a small town in England. They are poor and Jackie and Tony fight for their job. I also decided to put it because at the end of the book Billy went to London with his dad for the auditions of the Royal School Ballet.

I decided to put the pianola because Billy was very attached to the piano that reminded him of his dead mother. This object is important because it represents the relationships between son and mother. Billy often plays it because he misses his mom.

The red lipstick is for his best friend Michael. Michael loves wearing women's dresses. In a part of the book he puts the red lipstick on his lips and on Billy's lips. Many times Billy understood that Michael is gay and at the end of the book he revealed his sexual identity. It is an important object because every person has to feel free and nobody should be scared of their sexual identity. Michael is a great example.

The minerals are about the job of Jackie and Tony. Their job was exhausting because they had to work in dangerous circumstances and they earned a really low amount of money. It's important because not everyone has a safe job and not everyone earns enough money for food.

The ring is for Billy's mom and it is the symbol of the family. It was the only memory Billy and his family had of her. It's important because they sold it and Billy was able to go to dance school.

I chose boxing glove because it represents the sport Billy practiced before dance. His dad and brother were really good at this sport so they forced Billy to practice it too. But Billy didn't like boxing, he preferred dancing, because he was able to feel free and express himself. It's important because it's the symbol of Billy's change and of his growth.