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Topic: illness In the story there’s so many episodes of illnesses, from the beginning with the death of Mary’s parents and servants with a very aggressive disease, going on with the death of mrs Craven, Colin case of being consistently sick and with the fear of death, and concluding with mental illnesses topic as depression that we find in mr Craven case.

Issues Lack of emotion In the story many events happens for a lack of emotions and communication. Mary is very much affected by this lack of emotion for example. In the beginning of the story she was very bad in every aspect; thanks to the emotions coming through she becomes the best version of herself inside and outside.

The rebirth An important theme for the story is rebirth that keeps appearing. From the plants and flowers of the garden after the winter, to the change of Mary, and the miracle of Colin’s life being valid again.

The Key The key is the most important object of the story, without it, nothing could ever happen.

The meeting of Mary and Colin This image is all about the light, as Mary finds Colin by the light under the door, the light of the lighthouse guides the sailors. The light in general is fundamental for life and activities. As the sailor is lost in the see Colin is lost in life, not able to come out from his world, his room. I find a strong resemblance between the lighthouse and Mary, salvation for both sailor and Colin.

Yorkshire pudding I chose the character of Martha, she’s a very kind and sweet girl, good to everyone. I picked this image, a particular sweet from Yorkshire (the area she’s from) to underline how Martha is, comparing her to this typical dessert.