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How to use Genially

Instructions: Read me if you're new

Click on the interactives and use them to help you study.Once you've clicked an interactive and answered it or read it, click it again to hide it. Then make sure you've clicked the rest of the items on the page before moving on using the right-hand arrow key. Feel free to screenshot for references.Make sure you are participating ACTIVELY. If you take notes, sketch diagrams and focus your notes where you made a mistake, or don't think you could do an FRQ using the terms visible.Not sure where the interactives are? Click in the upper right corner of a slide to see them lit up!

Dehydration Synthesis & Hydrolysis

how are macromolecules made and broken?

Some of the terms in this activity are familiar. Others are new. Keep an eye out and pay close attention: I will be a little tricky to help you be sure you have mastered your vocabulary.


Drag the checkmarks to PREDICT your mastery level for each term. Then continue through the activity to confirm.Do not Google through this activity! Just think and try.




Drag the checkmarks based on your performance and comfort with the terms throughout the activity. You can now look up additional definitions or use the previous pages to help you study these terms.