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Week #2(Sept 5th to 8th)

Week #3(Sept 11th to 15th)

Week #4(Sept 18th to 22nd)

Week #5(Sept 25th to 29th)

Week #8(Oct 25th to 29th)

Week #7(Oct 17th to 20 th)

Week #6(Oct 2nd to 6 th)


  • Writing introduction
  • Reading introduction
  • Alphabet memorization
  • Spelling classroom words and letters own name
  • Letter sounds
  • Phonemic awereness
  • Letter pairs and blending

Week #2

Week #3(Sept 11th to 15th)

Value: Friendship "Is another word for love"Topic: Writing introductionClass plan:1. Learn ABC song2. Children storiesClosing

Value: Friendship Topic: Writing introductionClass plan:1. Children stories (Video)2. Write and draw the stories3. Pages 10-11 (English book)Closing

The three little pigs

The ugly duckling

Week #4(Sept 18th to 22nd)

Value: Happiness: “Be happy for this moment "Topic: Alphabet memorizationClass plan:1. Alphabet song2. Activity 3. Page 23 (workbook)Closing

Value: HappinessTopic: Alphabet memorizationClass plan:1. Song "Numbers 1-20"2. Singular and plural3. Activities Closing

Value: Empathy "The highest form of knowledge is empathy " Topic: Spelling letters own nameClass plan:1. Spelling activitiesClosing

Week #5(Sept 25th to 29th)

What´s your name?

My name is ______

Spell it please.

Value: Empathy Topic: Spelling letters Class plan:1. Colors video2. Practice3. Colors gameClosing

What´s your favorite color?My favorite color is: _______

Value:Responsibility " The time is always right to do what is right"Topic: Letter soundsClass plan:1. Bingo activity2. Video vowel sounds and practiceClosing

Week #6(Oct 2nd to 6 th)

Value:Responsibility Topic: Letter soundsClass plan:1. Page 522. Page 33 #1 (Workbook)3. Hand Closing

Value: Self Love "Create your own sunshine"Topic: Phonemic awereness Class plan:1. Video (phonics)2. Page 43 (Workbook)Closing

Week #7(Oct 17th to 20 th)

Value: Self Love Topic: Syllable words and sight words. Class plan:1. Page 532. Ck and Sh3. Page 33 (Workbook)Closing

Value: Commitment "Without commitment you cannot have depth in anything"Topic: Letter pairs and blendingClass plan:1. Video "Prepositions"2. ActivitiesClosing

Value: Commitment Topic: Letter pairs and blendingClass plan:1. Th and Ch2.Pages 64 and 65Closing