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Outside of School

Developing Knowledge

Application & Leadership

Year 7

Sports Scholarships at Lambrook

The process of applying for a sports scholarship...

Participation & attitude

Year 8

Interview practice

Await results

Year 6



Reference deadline & Practical day


Sport Identification

Could you be a sport scholar?

The Games Department may identify you as a potential sports scholar as early as Year 6.

HOD to communicate with parents about potential scholarship (speak about the requirements early on), parents to discuss with pupil.

Parent HOD (pupil separately) to meet and ask any final questions gain knowledge of schools & whether it is a sport only or all-round scholarship

Pupils will begin to identify what would be two of their major sports they would perform on their scholarship *they would train regularly in these sports inside & outside of school

Pupils should be part of at least two sports clubs outside of school & should be representing the club in matches

Pupil participates in extra-curricular sports clubs & S&C regularly and shows scholar attitude and effort in PE & Games lessons

Pupils will begin to develop their knowledge of what a sport scholarship day looks like, they will be exposed to the fitness tests and more S&C and practice questions

Pupils will continue to apply themselves fully in sport throughout school and develop leadership skills

Interview practice with Sport staff & candidate (run through of practical day) Sport staff to ensure all achievements from school are included in reference

Reference to be collected from at least two external clubs to support the application along with school reference

Lambrook reference to be sent by school & application and external reference to be sent by parents by deadline. Pupil to attend practical day.

Parents to be informed directly by future school.

Clear comms sent to parents about the requirements of a Sport scholar at Lambrook and how their child will be identified.