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hover over each icon for instructions on how to complete the project.


With your group, choose one of the provided topics. Tell Ms. Frantz the topic so she can record it on the presentation log. She will tell you the date of your presentation.

Get a piece of paper and as a group write out the following details:

  • topic
  • location/ locations
  • script (remember each member will also introduce themselves)
  • when you will film
  • what EACH member will say and do in video
  • How much time should you set aside to film (ex: an hour? 2 hours?)
Give this piece of paper to Ms. Frantz for approval.

Record your 5 minute video. The filming will happen outside of class hours. You will have to be responsible and plan your time wisely.

  • make sure video is clear
  • make sure audio is clear.
If I can't see or hear what you are doing, you will receive a zero.

Once the video is complete, upload the video on the Uruguay page on Flipgrid. link to flipgrid use this video for help: