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Those two glasses, half full, represent to me the relationship between Bruno and Clare. If we look closely at the glasses they are almost identical, instead Clare and Bruno seen from the outside seem completely different, but if we understand them well they actually have similar experience, they are both divorced, they aren't really happy with their life and they want to change. They are also bonded by their grandfather, and they actually fall in love with each other; and like those half glasses, I really think that they would complete each other.

Switzerland flag- The place where the main part of the story takes place, particurarly in Zermatt

Two carabiners, they represent climbing, and if you look close one is broken, because it represents a climbing accident that happened to Edward Crowe, Clare's grandfather, resulting in his death. The book explains how Clare is determined to discover the truth behind her grandfather's death, and how in the end she finds out that the death of Edward wasn't really an accident.

A flip-flop. We don't actually have to look at the object itself, but at what it represents; here we are on the top of a mountain, a place where you wouldn’t expect to find a flip-flop, a place where it doesn't belong. In the same way, I think that Clare doesn't belong in London, working as a journalist, doing a job that she doesn't truly enjoy and also living in a place that she doesn’t particularly like. I think that the best for her and for enjoying her life more, would be to do the job that she likes, writing, and she should also move where she grew up, at the lake district, because she also states that the norther up she went the better she felt.

A pair of binoculars, they represent searching for something, and in the same way Clare keep searching for the truth about her grandfather death; and as these binoculars reveal far landscapes Clare will be able to reveal also the life of his grandfather, discovering why he left his wife and kids for moving to Zermatt.

A ski mask, it represent Bruno, a ski instructor in the winter and a guide in the summer; he isn't really happy with his life, and even tough he likes his job he doesn't want to keep doing the same thing until he's old, like his father did.

"In the shadow of the mountain" is a book by Helen Naylor that talks about the dead body of a climber that has been found, and of how the nephew of the climber, Clare, tries to find what happened. Was it really an accident or there's something else? In this book you will be able to know all the actions that led Clare to know the truth, because even if the book is written in third person, you will get to know her thoughts and emotions. This book was pretty great; I liked the narration and the location, and there are some cool plot twists that keep you glued to the book. I would have liked it better if it had also talked about Bruno and Clare, did they go living together? Where? Did they move to Zermatt, or even better, to the lake district? I guess that this is the reader's choice. Overall a nice book, I also liked a lot the possibility to listen to it in addition to reading it; I would rate it 4.5/5

Mountains play a very important role in this book, so I decided to do my bookbento on the summit of a mountain, even if taking those objects up there was a real challenge, but I hope that it was worth it.