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with Mrs Baldini

English Class

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Everyday objects

Textbook, page 20

Textbook, page 12

Colours and classroom objects

Work in groups of 4/5. Share the information about the objects you have mentioned.Who' got more?
Look around. Write down the name the objects and colours that you see in your classroom and their colours. You have 3 minutes.

What's in the classroom?

Watch the video and check the objects that are mentioned in the conversation between Melisa and Luca.

How to organise your school bag

How to organise your school bag.
How to organise your school bag
Read the dialogue in pairs and check your answers
How to organise your school bag

Touch & Guess

Let's play!

with Mrs Baldini

Che cosa abbiamo imparato oggi:

  • _______________
  • _______________
  • _______________

Compiti: colora le flipcards con i nuovi oggetti, trova i nomi degli oggetti in inglese e memorizzali (RE)

Thank you!