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A CHRISTMAS CAROL by Charles Dickens

WITCH: I put she because the protagonist was always evil, not like witch, but he has a nose like she and in the book was written that he was so bad and unhappy that he's nose falls down. In the story I think is important because it want to show how was bad in his life that change his physical appearances.

PENNIES :I choose the pennies because Ebenezer Scrooge was a rich man and he did not wont to give any penny to anyone, only the people who works for him, he was stingy and didn't give money for poor people. It is important because at the end Scrooge give money for charity

CHAINS : the chains rappresents the first moment where Scrooge saw his dead friend Jacob Marley (dead 7years before),it was important because Marley wore this chains and they meaning the bad thing what he did in his life, like Scrooge, and he was there to inform Scrooge for the 3 spirits .

PAWN : the pawn rappresent the first spirit, the first spirit is describe like a big light and it is a cross between a child and an old man and it is important because had this ''pawn'' in his hand to teletrasporting Scrooge in the past and when Scrooge was sad and disturbing for the past events he take this pawn and covered the spirit to make it disappear

HOLY : it raffigurated the second spirit, the spirit of the Christmas present,in his head wore a holy and in thr room was full of gharlands and take in the hand a cornucopia where he show the Bob's Christmas ( Scrooge's woerker) and nephew's Christmas. I think it is important because holy rapresenting the return of the light and heat, like a chace for Scrooge.

ROOD: it mean the death of Scrooge (no one was unhappy for his death not even his grandson) when the third spirit comes to indicate his destinity. Is important because this experient scared him so much that he change his life.

TURKEY: at the last this turkey is important and meaningful because was the first good and generous think what he doing in the book. When he comes from the last spirit, relized how is important be kind to others people and how the money don't make happiness, then he ask a kid to buy the biggest turkey in the shop in excange money so then he sent it to Bob Chratchit, and gave an aument to Bob, to saved Tiny Tim, Bob's son.

I really liked this book because the Christamas is so close and I'm so exiting to winter and wish everyone a merry Christmas, this book teach you how is important be generous and kind to others and that it's never too late to change