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Choice Board

Ideas to show learning & understanding

  • Song
  • Video
    • News Report
    • Interview
    • TikTok
  • Podcast
    • Interview
  • Newspaper Articles
    • Dear Abby
    • Ed Op
  • Comic Strip

Create a Music Video 1. Select a popular song. 2. Change the words to fit the concept you're explaining. 3. Create a music video using your cellphone & WeVideo. 4.Submit your video to Canvas. Example: This teacher changed the words to "What Does the Fox Say?" to teach Newton's Laws of Motion.

Click HERE to File-Make a Copy of a TikTok template. To choose a slightly different template, click HERE to File-Make a copy. Submit your video on Canvas when finished.

Create news report with a video editor! Be the reporter or news anchor and report about the topic! Submit your completed video to Canvas when finished.