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My Summer Holidays


My holidays started with the end of the school, on 9 june.I had a great time without homeworks and stress...I got up when I wanted,I played every time, I stayed with my friends and it was amazing. But was so hot, I didn't stayed very much outside because of this!It was still amazing.

From 9 to 21 june

From 22 to 30 june I went to the sea, I have an house at Follonica. At the sea there were some of my friends, so I had a great time.I did some of my homeworks in the evening and in morning before the sea. At the sea I usually played at football or I played at UNO with my friends. The last evening we ate pizza at the sea and we played the guitar, it was very funny.

From 22 to 30 june


From 1 to 10 july we stayed at home. We waited for Rebecca, she was in Barcelona with a study company for 15 days, she left Campi on 21 june and she returned on 5 july. In that time we were at the sea, from 22 to 30 june.On 1 july we returned to Campi, but for a little bit.We took my sister at the airport on 5 july, then we met our grandparents.On 10 july we left Campi and we went in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

From 1 to 10 july

From 10 to 18 july

On 10 july we went in Friuli for a few days. We did many walks, it was very hard but at the end it was amazing. My mom didn't like the place so we moved to Trentino.There we met a family composed by three children and 2 parents. The older brother is 9 years old, his name is Noah, the second child is 7 years old, his name is Gioele. The last child is a girl, she is 4 years old, her name is Anna. The father was 35, his name is Nicola, the mother is 34, her name is Selene.With them we had a great time, we stayed with them for 4 days, then they returned to Emilia.When they left Trentino, we left the place too, because of the bad weather.

From 18 to 24 july

The 18 july we left the Trentino because of the bad weather, we had to stay there for another week, but we returned to the sea from 18 to 24 july.We had a great time at the sea. I spent all of my time with my friends, we played, we swam, we went to the BOA, by our sup.I did some of my homeworks. Some of our friends came with us to the sea, for few days, it was so funny.

From 24 to 28 july

From 24 to 28 july we stayed at home for cleaning, do the washing, we met our grandparents, and our friends.My mom went to a funeral with my sister, in the mean time I stayed at home with my dad and my sister. I cleaned my room, and I played at football.On 28 july we returned to the sea, for an entire month.Rebecca went to the consuma with her friend.


From 28 july to 18 august

From 28 july to 27 august, we stayed at the sea for a month. We had a great time at the sea, too, we did some homeworks, we swam, we played...It was very funny, on 3 august came one of my friend, Margherita, she is 12 years old, I met her for the first time last year, at the sea.We played very much with the cards, with a ball (we broken 3 balls!). She stayed at the from 3 august to 27 august. On 6 august came Emma, another friend. She is 13 years old, she play at football, like me. She stayed at the sea for 14 days.for the 15 of august we went to a ristourant. There were many people, we were in 30!

On 19 of august me and my father went to take Rebecca and her friends. Rebecca was in Emilia for 5 days with a company. Her friend were in Campi, they had to stay with us at the sea, from 19 to 27 august. Fortunatly there was still Margherita at the sea. We went to the Acquafun of Follonica with some friends. It was amazing.We watched the fires iin Catiglione...We did so many tinghs...On 27 of august we reurned to campi.

From 19 to 27 august

My favourite summer holiday destination

My favorite holiday destination

My favorit holiday destiation was Trentino, because we met a family. They were the same of us, three children, with the same age different. they were so funny!We did many walks with them, we did the embers in a camping. We knew them in a ristourant, the first day we were in Trentino.

In the camping we knew another guy, his name was Niccolò, he is 12 years old, with him we played at football, we stayed at the camping for few days. Then we left it because the family returned to Emilia. When they left Trentino, we went in Austria for few days, we went in Salisburgh, and in another town. They were amazing, but it was to hot, so we returned to Trentino. We went in Val Di Fassa for sleep, but we returned to Campi because of the bad weather. It was aan incredible holiday!

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