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Starting September Open 5pm-10pm slots (Beijing time)Optional: Open Sunday or Saturday slots to accomodate students


Set boundaries

To be fair give students one chance to reschedule a cancelled class . Then inform them that if this happens again they will be charged for your time.

Increase your income

  • Offer a 50 mins trial for $10
  • Get students to book 2x 25 min classes
  • Ask for student refferals and reviews
  • Replace old students gradually

Ben's meeting notes

Personal targets

  • Students will be paying $20 per 50 mins
  • in 3 months earn $2,000+ per month
  • Offer group lessons (double hourly rate)

To find new teachers to train up these are paid at $3 per 25 mins demo

Complete VIP interviews

Training programme

You will have to complete 3 assignmentsand 1 exam to pass the training


Mentors can work less and earn more! You will earn a passive income of up to 4% for mentees that earn $300+Your teacher ranking will rise on the teacher wall when team members achieve their milestones

Mentoring programme

Mentor's job role

  • Analyse and monitor new teachers stats weekly
  • Help new mentees reach their milestones monthly
  • Conduct mentee meetings via Skype or Zoom (as needed)
  • Share teaching and selling strategies with your team
  • Guide exceptional mentees to build their own team


  • Finding the best teachers for the team is time consuming
  • The first 2 months your mentees will need a lot of support #Note: I am making training courses for teachers and mentoring