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S43 Training for Data Managers

Login to System 43

Course overview

Review capabilities unique to a Data Manager within S43

  • View, add, delete users
  • Categories
  • Product management
  • Deals and discounts
  • Product management

  1. Go through the different

Click on this icon to discover what functionality exists within this dashboard

Data Manager Dashboard

As well as the unique aspects of the data manager role such as User Management and Categories, Data managers also have the accesses of all the other roles and therefore have the ability to create and approve projects and kit lists as well as any other activities needed.

Click on this icon to discover what functionality exists within this dashboard

Users tab

Shows a list of the current S43 users as well as their role, Sales Channel, Sales Region, Sales Office and Status

Clicking on the "Add new user" button will take you to this page

  • Users tab View current users
    • Add new users


  • Allows you to adjust the different SAP categories
  • Adjust whether projects are forced
  • Adjust whether certain product groups are visible
  • These categories can be added edited

Product Management

  • Add new products
  • Delete products
  • Search products
  • Add external links
  • Decide whether these products are active or not

Deals and Discounts page

  • This page allows for admin of Deals and Discounts
  • View or change the discount values

Notifications admin

  • Edit the alert bar
  • Add/edit/delete notifications


  • The Data manager has a lot of unique capabilities within S43 relating to system management and administration
  • They are allowed to set many of the rules for the other users
  • On top of this, the data manager is also allowed to assist the other teams in their use of the system as needed
    • Create projects and kit lists, approve projects, place orders, etc.
      • These parts of the system are covered in additional trainings, make sure to complete these addditional sessions before attempting to use these capabilities