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Vicki Jade Stevensonv.j.stevenson@bristol.ac.uk

MA Dissertation Data Collection

MA Data Collection

  • My MA dissertation
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Using learner corpora to analyse the use of stance in students’ academic presentationsThis study will analyse the use of stance B1 and B2 level learners of English L1 Mandarin Chinese and Arabic This study aims to provide an understanding of how these learners use stance to provide pedagogical implications for English for Academic Purposes courses

What is my dissertation about?

For my dissertation I will be using the transcript of your study. Presentation will be transcribed using closed caption technology. Any information that can make you identifiable (e.g., name) will be removed from the transcript. The transcript of your presentation will be analysed using corpus analysis.The results of this study may be published and / or presented at meetings or academic conferences.

What I will do with your data?

Provide consent to use your end of term recorded presentation for use in my study.Complete consent form Complete short form with background information (e.g., languages spoken and English level)Allow me to record your final presentationPlease note that I am interested in what you say, so I can just record your voice if this makes you feel more comfortable.

How you can help me

Participation is voluntary Your identity will remain anonymousAs a volunteer you can stop any participation or withdraw from the study at any time before 31/08/2022, without giving a reason


Download and sign consent formConsent form link https://1drv.ms/w/s!AndSrOynhESPovAHmjrWejq2Zq7Pfw?e=5oje1dSend the consent form to v.j.stevenson@bristol.ac.ukI will send you a participant number and a link to a formComplete the form (5 minutes)

Next steps